juanita londoño-gaviria


Juanita is a children’s book, editorial and commercial illustrator.


She likes drawing characters and environments in vibrant colors, textured details and emotions to bring people on a journey. She sometimes brings her characters to life through basic animations.


Juanita relishes seeing life through the lens of magical realism that is so deeply connected to her Latin American roots.

As a child, Juanita was very fond of bed time stories and recreating with a pencil the images she found on her favorite children’s books. Much of her work now draws inspiration from those same books she enjoyed as a kid.


Juanita enjoys exploring and collaborating with her clients who love her because she is fun to work with.


She has a degree in Animation Concept Art from the Vancouver Film School.


Juanita starts all her illustrations with various rough sketches on a notebook. From all these ideas she picks the one that conveys more emotion and tells a better story. She then takes a photo or scans the notebook and, using Procreate, draws a more detailed sketch on top of this first idea. She uses brushes that help her recreate naive shapes and textures that are normally accomplished through traditional media. 

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